Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Menu From a Bygone Era

In Nathaniel's, our fine-dining restaurant, we serve a contemporary menu of seasonally changing dinner items.  However, we know two things that we think are important, and have a solution for those two issue.

The first is that not every guest who dines with us likes "contemporary" food.  Some of our guests like plainer food, items where they recognize every part of what the menu says about it.

The second issue is that we are running an historic hotel, and to that end we like to respect the idea that some of our menu items should be reflective of the time and place that the hotel occupied when it first opened, which was 1925.

So our dinner menu has a page that we call "Echoes of the Hawthorne Hotel" -- Menus from a Bygone Era and here it is.  It features items for the "Meat and Potatoes Gourmet -- from when life was at its simplest, vegetables were cooked well-done, and one easily recognized everything on the menu."

I hope you enjoy learning just a little bit more about us.

And of course, I hope to see you here, or in Nathaniel's.


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