Friday, January 11, 2013

Free Film at CinemaSalem

Here is the newsletter from CinemaSalem for this week.  Once again there is more to do in Salem than there is time to do, so you will have to pick and choose, but going to catch up on the films which have been nominated for Academy Awards should happen at CinemaSalem, where the chairs are comfy, the popcorn has real butter, the concession stand serves a variety of excellent teas for a reasonable price, and the movies are top-notch.

Four days left in the Kickstarter campaign! Thanks to all you good people who've made pledges already. If you haven't made your pledge yet, there's still time. It all ends on Monday, and a contribution in any amount will earn you "backer" status, which will mean special offers for the next several years!

Big News (semi-related): We're going to have one more free screening to celebrate film, filmlovers, and this successful campaign. On Saturday, January 26 at 10 am, everyone is invited to a free 35mm film screening of The Princess Bride, perhaps the greatest movie ever made.

I know what you're saying: "A free screening in this day and age? Inconceivable!" But it's true: this TPB screening is for everyone, so make sure all your friends and family know about it!

Now, here's this week's Oscar-heavy film lineup!

Now Playing: Zero Dark Thirty (R); Gangster Squad (R): Starlet (NR) Les Miserables (PG13); The Spirit of Salem 3D (NR); This Perfect Place: A Natural History of the Massachusetts North Shore (NR); and The True 1692 3D!

Later today the Oscar nominations will be announced, and sure to be among the Best Picture nods is Zero Dark Thirty. The Atlantic: "A powerful, morally complicated work on an urgent subject. It is a film that deserves -- that almost demands -- to be seen and argued over." LA Times: "Kathryn Bigelow proves herself once again to be a master of heightened realism and narrative drive in this retelling of the decade-long search for Osama bin Laden." Time Magazine: "This is movie journalism that snaps and stings, that purifies a decade's clamor and clutter into narrative clarity, with a salutary kick." (A host of critics have names ZDT "the best film of 2012".

 Zero Dark Thirty screens on Friday at (3:45), 6:45 and 9:50; Saturday at (12:30), (3:45), 6:45 and 9:50; Sunday at (12:30), (3:45) and 6:45; and Monday-Thursday at (3:30) and 6:40.

Filled with a stellar cast, Gangster Squad arrives at CinemaSalem on a wave of critical acclaim. Tribune News Service: "A solid gangland Western, a well-acted, flinty-dialogue Magnificent Six set in the Wild West of gangland LA in the 1940s." New York Observer: "This is still one of the most exhilarating and entertaining action films in recent memory." Variety: "An impressively pulpy underworld-plunger that embellishes on a 1949 showdown between a dedicated team of LAPD officers and Mob-connected Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) for control of the city."

Gangster Squad will play on Friday at (4:30), 7:10 and 10:00; Saturday at (11:15 AM), (1:50), (4:30), 7:10 and 10:00; Sunday at (11:15 AM), (1:50), (4:30) and 7:10; and Monday-Thursday (4:30) and 7:10.

New in the Screening Room this week is Starlet, which has won over 88% of the world's critics. Entertainment Weekly: "A strikingly unsentimental study in female friendship between unmoored souls in L.A.'s bleached, glamour-challenged San Fernando Valley." Arizona Republic: "The film is about as indie as indie movies get, with a homemade, washed-out look that drives home the genuineness of the performances." New York Times: "A thrillingly, unexpectedly good American movie about love and a moral awakening."

Starlet will screen on Friday at (4:40), 7:30 and 9:40; Saturday at (11:45 AM), (2:40), (4:40), 7:30 and 9:40; Sunday at (11:45 AM), (2:40), (4:40) and 7:30; and Monday-Thursday at (4:40) and 7:30.

Les Miserables continues to draw big crowds to CinemaSalem. The brilliant musical will screen on Friday at (3:15), 6:30 and 9:45; Saturday at (12:00), (3:15), 6:30 and 9:45; Sunday at (12:00), (3:15 and 6:30; and Monday-Thursday at (3:45) and 6:50.

To better understand the heart of Salem's identity, formed over centuries, you'll want to catch The Spirit of Salem, screening on Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 am.

The True 1692, our popular 3D film which presents the actual events of the Salem Witch Ordeal, will screen on Friday at 6:30, Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 and 6:30; and Monday-Thursday at 6:30.

Also screening is This Perfect Place: A Natural History of the Massachusetts North Shore, Saturday and Sunday at noon; and Monday-Thursday at 4:00 pm.

Thanks for supporting CinemaSalem!

The greatest romantic pair in cinema history: Buttercup and Westley.

Buttercup and Westley

I hope to see you here, or there.


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