Thursday, January 17, 2013

Employee of the Year Awards

Each year at our annual Hawthorne Hotel holiday party we award two very special staff members the "Employee of the Year" Award.  One is for a Part-Time Employee of the Year and the other for a Full-Time Employee Employee of the Year.  In order to be eligible for this award the employee must have already been selected as an employee of the month in the subject year.

This year the nominees were:

Part-time Employees of the Month
Bujar Rovi, Housekeeping
Amber Miller, PEM Kitchen
Deb Connors, PEM Atrium Cafe
Kristen Doucet, Banquets
Melissa Kelly, Front Desk
Patrice Tierney, Banquet
Shawna Finnegan, Dining Services
Carmen Batista, Housekeeping
Tess Brady, Dining Services
Sylvester Toribio, Kitchen
Lourdes Gonzales, Housekeeping

The following are the photos of the awards ceremony for the Part-Time Employees:

Left to right, above: Patrice Tierney, Amber Miller, Melissa Kelly, Shawna Finnegan, Lourdes Gonzalez, Sylvester Toribio, Tess Brady and Kristen Doucet

Second Runner-Up, Sylvester Toribio of the Kitchen Staff
First Runner-Up, Patrice Tierney, Banquets and Admin
Winner of the Part-time Employee of the Month Award, Shawna Finnegan, of the Dining Services Department,
flanked by Claire Kallelis, Director of Food & Beverage on the left, and Juli Lederhaus, GM on the right

Full-time Employees of the Month
Gary MacFarland, Housekeeping
Elizabeth Buchanan, Front Desk
Francisco Moran, PEM Kitchen
Tinia Suggs, Sales Department
Cheryl Smith, Dining Services
Gina Medros, PEM Atrium Cafe
Tony Baez, Kitchen
Manuel Pena, PEM Kitchen
Robert Leonard, Banquets
Bienvenido Espinosa, Kitchen
Sarah Dunne, Front Desk
Mike O'Meara, Banquets

Left to right, above, Gary MacFarland, Gina Medros, Cheryl Smith, Tony Baez,  Sarah Dunne,
Robert Leonard, and Mike O'Meara

Second Runner-Up, Sarah Dunne

First Runner-Up, Gary MacFarland

Full-Time Employee of the Year, Gina Medros

We are so pleased with all of our team members who work so well together each and every day of the year to provide all of our guests with the best possible hospitality here at the Hawthorne Hotel as well as in the food service areas of the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) -- we are proud of each and every one of you!  Thank you for all that you do to make us shine!


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