Saturday, December 22, 2012

Movies Just the Ticket During the Holiday Break

As you may already know we have an awesome independent movie theater here in Salem called CinemaSalem.  Here is the lineup from their newsletter for this week.

Dear Juli,

Now, as you may have heard, the big holiday week is just about here, so here's the big Christmas week's film lineup!

Now Playing: Lis Miserables (PG13); Jack Reacher (PG13); Meet the Fokkens (NR); The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 3D PG13); Rise of the Guardians 3D (PG); Skyfall (PG13); The Spirit of Salem 3D (NR); This Perfect Place: A Natural History of the Massachusetts North Shore (NR); and The True 1692 3D!

We're packing nine films into our four-screen cinema this week, and every day has a slightly different showtime schedule, so we'll showcase the critical raves for three of the films, and present the showtimes for the rest of them. Just take our word for it: they're awesome!
Opening on Christmas Day, next Tuesday, is Les Miserables, which, besides being a wonderful movie, wins some kind of award for sending us the biggest movie poster in history. It's by the Church Street door. And the critics? New York Magazine: "The film is going to be a monster hit and award winner." Variety: "The squalor and upheaval of early 19th-century France are conveyed with a vividness that would have made Victor Hugo proud, heightened by the raw, hungry intensity of the actors' live oncamera vocals." Urban Cinefile: "Tony-award winning musical delivers everything at its creative peak - drama, performance, filmmaking and the language of music that delivers its message like no other. An emotional tour de force."

Les Mis will screen on Christmas Day at (3:15) and 6:50; and Wednesday and Thursday next week at (12:00), (3:15) and 6:50.

Opening this Friday is the new Tom Cruise thriller, Jack Reacher. Rolling Stone: "This is Cruise's show. And he nails it. The patented smile is gone, replaced by a glower that makes Jack Reacher a dark and dazzling ride." Hollywood Reporter: "Tom Cruise is in fine form." NYC Movie Guru: "Heart-stopping, smart, taut and electrifying. It's one of the finest suspense thrillers in years."
Jack Reacher opens Friday at (4:30), 7:15 and 10:00; Saturday at (11:15 AM), (1:50), (4:30), 7:15 and 10:00; Sunday at (11:15 AM), (1:50), (4:30) and 7:15; Monday at 11:45 AM) and 2:30; Christmas Day at (4:00) and 7:15, and Wednesday and Thursday at (11:00 AM), (1:40), (4:30) and 7:15.

Meet the Fokkens does not star Ben Stiller! It's actually an amazing documentary we hoped to screen at last year's Salem Film Fest, but it got scooped up with a distribution deal, so we've had to wait until now to present it. Variety: "A racy, thoroughly enjoyable docu about a pair of 69-year-old identical-twin hookers in Amsterdam, Meet the Fokkens bounces along with defiant joie de vivre." Film Journal International: "The feminist documentary takes up the battered-wife syndrome, low pay for female workers, forced separation of mothers and children and-finally-a woman-owned business. Gloria Steinem must be happy, though the film centers on 69-year-old twin hookers." Toronto Globe and Mail: "The doc never falls, thanks to the sheer strength of its subjects' undaunted and indomitable character."

Meet the Fokkens wil screen Friday at (4:45), 7:30 and 9:15; Saturday at (12:15), (3:00), (4:45), 7:30 and 9:15; Sunday at (12:15), (3:00), (4:45) and 7:30; Monday at (12:15) and (3:00); Christmas Day at (3:00), (5:00) and 7:30; and Wednesday and Thursday at (12:15), (3:00), (5:00) and 7:30.

The marvelous The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey screens Friday at (3:15), 6:30 and 9:50; Saturday at (11:45 AM), (3:15), 6:30 and 9:50; Sunday at (11:45 AM), (3:15) and 6:30; Monday at (11:00 AM) and (2:10); Christmas Day at (3:00) and 6:30; and Wednesday and Thursday at (11:30 AM), (3:00) and 6:30.

Two of our films will play now through Christmas Eve. Skyfall will screen Friday at 6:45 and 10:00; Saturday at (3:40), 6:45 and 10:00; Sunday at (3:40) and 6:45; and Monday at (1:40 PM). Rise of the Guradians will screen on Friday at (4:30 PM) Saturday and Sunday at (11:30 AM) and (1:30); and Monday, Christmas Eve, at (11:30 AM).

Our own fascinating survey of Salem's best citizens, The Spirit of Salem, will screen Saturday-Monday, and Wednesday and Thursday at 11:00 am.

The True 1692, our popular 3D film which presents the actual events of the Salem Witch Ordeal, will screen on Friday at 6:30; Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 and 6:30; Monday at 2:00; Christmas Day at 6:30; and Wednesday and Thursday at 2:00 and 6:30.

And if you want your relatives to know what a great region we live in, bring them to This Perfect Place: A Natural History of the Massachusetts North Shore, which will screen on Friday at 4:00; Saturday-Monday at 12:00 noon; Christmas Day at 4:00; and Wednesday and Thursday at 12:00 noon.

That's a full schedule of great films! Thanks for supporting CinemaSalem, and have a warm and wonderful holiday!


I hope to see you here, or there!


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