Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Employee of the Month, Sarah Dunne

Left to right:  Juli Lederhaus, General Manager; Lucie Ogeron, Front Office Manager, and Sarah Dunne
If ever there was an employee who could smile and approach every single encounter in a positive manner, it would have to be Sarah Dunne.  I believe her answer is always going to be "yes" and then she will figure out how to get to the most positive result humanly possible.

We were initially very impressed with Sarah's good nature when we interviewed her, but as she began working for us we realized that she has a great ability to learn all of the tasks that she needs to know in order to function in an excellent manner as a front desk associate -- from taking reservations, to the check-in and check-out process, from giving guests directions to get here while they are on the road, to handling tricky situations that arise all the time, Sarah is never without her trademark smile and the ability to get the job done.
Joining us, far left: Claire Kallelis, Assistant General Manager and far right, Thomas MacDonald, Director of Sales

We are so happy to have Sarah on our team, and from what many of our guests have said to us, we know that you will also be happy she is here as well.  Congratulations on being named our Full-Time Employee of the Month for November, 2012, Sarah!

I hope to see you here (and so does Sarah!)


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