Saturday, December 08, 2012

Employee of the Month -- October Part-time

This past week we were able to catch up with a few of our Employee of the Month award presentations.  We like to gather together as many of the managers as we can to present these awards, because it is at the monthly managers' meeting that the staff members are chosen to receive the recognition.

In addition we like to go right to the work area to surprise the intended recipient, so sometimes juggling schedules of all concerned, including our business levels, is a bit of a job.  So that is why this particular presentation was a little late, but nonetheless very heartfelt.

We recognized Tess Brady for her work especially during our busiest month of the year -- October.  Tess had one of the "firing line" jobs that month -- as the host for the Tavern when the Tavern is as busy as it can be.  This is Tess' second October with us, and she did an awesome job, juggling the needs of everyone to get the most guests seated as quickly as possible in our popular Tavern Restaurant.

I especially love her expressions as she went from shocked surprise, to disbelief, to acceptance, to beaming happiness in this photo collage you see here:

Left to right:  Adam McInnes, Dining Services Manager; Andy Seidel, Evening Manager, Tess Brady, and Juli Lederhaus, General Manager
 In the photo above you can see the jocularity that was taking place as everyone enjoyed the moment when we surprised Tess.

Congratulations, Tess, and thank you so much for being part of the Hawthorne Hotel TEAM!!

 And fair blog reader, I hope to see you here, and so does Tess.


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