Thursday, December 13, 2012

Employee of the Month ~ Full-time for October

Last week we awarded Bienvenido Espinosa our Full-Time Employee of the Month Award for October.

I'm not sure what was so funny here, but we were all having a good time!

Left to right:  Claire Kallelis, Director of Food & Beverage/Assistant General Manager; Juli Lederhaus,
General Manager; Ken O'Keefe, Executive Sous Chef; Bienvenido Espinosa, October Employee of the Month

Bienvenido was clearly pleased to be honored.

Bienvenido is a member of our Kitchen Team and as you can see by the beaming Executive Sous Chef, Ken O'Keefe, in these photos, he is someone whose work is highly valued by that team.

Congratulations, Bienvenido, and thank you so much for the excellent work you do "behind the scenes" that keeps us shining in the eyes of our guests.


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