Saturday, December 01, 2012

Are You Friends with Us on FaceBook?

Here is a reason you might want to be:

GIVEAWAY!!! Absolutely free because I feel like giving something away. Since today is 12-1-12 I'm going to choose some variation of those numbers-and-the-number-of-comments we get to this post. It could be the #1 post, the 11th post, the 12th post, the 2nd post, the 121st post, the 21st post, and so on? The giveaway is a gift certificate for a night's stay in a SUITE and a complete swag bag of goodies from LAST year's Halloween Ball. Brand new stuff of course, and all collectables. So talk to me, and tell me why I should send this wonderful gift to you? Do you know what the theme was for 2011? Might I give more than one of these wonderful prizes away? Well, today is 12-1-12, so anything is possible. Might I like seeing how much you share this good news? What do you think?

Please go on over to FaceBook and "like" the Hawthorne Hotel page, and you an add you thoughts to this conversation to see if you will be the one (or maybe two) that I pick.

I hope to see you there.


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  1. So what have you got up your sleeve for 12-12-12?!?