Tuesday, December 04, 2012

UPDATED A Sad "So-Long" to a Member of Our Team

Three years ago Charlie Calena came to do an internship here at the Hawthorne Hotel.  He did so as part of a special program at Salem High School  set up for students who are not in the mainstream and who need continuing education.

Charlie has been a fixture here pretty much every term since then, and we are very sad to see his time with us coming to an end.  He has, unfortunately for all of us, turned 22 and can no longer be part of that program.

Chef Ken with the warm cookies for Charlie.

Our Hawthorne Hotel Team honors Charlie in our breakroom.

Charlie Calena surrounded by managers, other students, job coaches and the program  liaison from  Salem High School, Caitlin Curry.

Today we said "so long" to Charlie, with cookies warm from the oven, and much applause from our team members.  We gave him certificate showing his accomplishments while he was here, along with a gift certificate so he can bring his parents in for dinner in Nathaniel's soon.

We honored him in true Hawthorne Hotel style, and he seemed genuinely pleased.

The next day we went to the High School to attend his "graduation" party, which was held in the Black Cat Cafe at Salem High School.  Here are some photos of that event:

Posing like the top chefs do on some of the TV cooking shows

Left to right: Hawthorne Hotel Executive Chef Steve Nelson, Charlie's Mom, Charlie, Charlie's Dad, Ken O'Keefe, Hawthorne Hotel Executive Sous Chef

Best wishes to Charlie, and many thanks from all of us at the Hawthorne Hotel. We will miss you.


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