Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This and That, including FaceBook

Thanks to Pictures from the Sky for posting this image on FaceBook, you can see the Hawthorne Hotel on the right edge.  Love how the church steeple seems to point toward us!

Are you a "fan" of our Hawthorne Hotel Facebook Page?  If not, you are probably missing out on a lot of fun things that we do there.  Just saying.

If you are, you may also still be missing out on things, because FB, in its quest for world dominance or something like that, has decided that a business can only get to about 15% of its fans at any given post, UNLESS said fan has checked off the "Get notifications" line that shows up when you hover your mouse over the "Liked" button on a business page.

So, with all due respect, if you don't want to miss anything we have to say on FaceBook, we would love for you to check that "Get notifications" line on our Hawthorne Hotel page.

Thanks ever so much!


For some unknown reason people have been making Thanksgiving reservations like crazy here at the Hawthorne Hotel.  So, we are going to keep serving later than normal, with an additional seating in the Grand Ballroom.  If you haven't made your reservation yet, because Thanksgiving is still "weeks away" you better hightail it to the phone and give us a call.  978-825-4311

I will be going table to table again during these holiday events, offering to take your photos, so be sure to wear a big smile!

I hope to see you here.


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