Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shining Some Light on Good Works in Our Salem, MA

One of our great customers, NIIS, has been doing a wonderful and kind thing for the Salem Boys and Girls Club for the past 20 years.  For a number of those years, the chefs of the Hawthorne Hotel have been  assisting by working behind the scenes helping with this event.

I thought perhaps you, fair blog readers, would like to know about it.  Each year a team of folks from NIIS comes to the Club to serve about 300 children a Thanksgiving Day-style turkey dinner, usually on the Tuesday before the holiday.

Our chefs help out by purchasing, receiving, storing, prepping and cooking all of the turkeys for them so that the staff from NIIS do not have to be there at the Boys and Girls club all day long.  Once they are cooked, we load them up on a service trolley and trundle them down the street to the Club which is located just about 300 yards from our door. (I figure it is about 300 yards because it looks like a par-4 golf hole distance to the golfer in me.)

Here are some photos:

Turkey ready for carving

Chab Betz, Steven Murphy and Brett Grieco carving the birds.

Top row, left to right: Wendy Wilson, Brett Grieco, David Ives, Mike Bierch, Steve Murphy
Middle row: Chab Betz, Maureen Elwell, Tory Stevens
Front row: Teri Coluntino, Joy Keener-Borresen and Tammy Burns
I hope you enjoy knowing more about what our wonderful customers, and chefs do to provide service to the people of Salem, and I hope to see you here!


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