Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rotary Calendar is Available Now

Yesterday the annual Salem Rotary Calendars were released for sale.  This excellent wall calendar will be:

  • a beautiful addition to any home or office, 
  • a lovely gift that is especially perfect for someone who may have previously lived in Salem, and no longer lives here, 
  • a nice present for someone who has traveled to Salem and who fell in love with our fair city
  • a wonderful item for someone who loves to take a chance.

I am sure that the first three items make sense to most of you, but the last one might be making you scratch your head wondering what I mean.  The answer is simple -- this is not just a calendar, but it is also a raffle ticket for a WEEKLY raffle drawing.  

Once a calendar is purchased, there is a tear-off slip that one fills out and turns in with the calendar purchase price of only $20.  That tear-off slip is entered in a raffle and the president of the Salem Rotary Club announces one winner each and every week of the year.  Oh, and anyone who wins has their ticket put back in the raffle bucket, so that anyone can win more than once.

This year's photos are all of beautiful places in Salem, and the photographs are lovely, having been done by our very own Trip Mason, member of our Salem Rotary Club.

If you wish to purchase one or many, just come by the Hawthorne Hotel 24-hours per day (we never close) and pick up your purchases here.

I hope to see you here.



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