Monday, November 05, 2012

Our Staff At Work, Having a Ball

Adam McInnes, Dining Services Manager

Ceni, Allison and Matt 

Angie and Hannah

Peter and Executive Chef Steve Nelson

In the left corner, Claire Kallelis, who at the end of the night probably felt like the Walking Dead 

The pre-event meeting, with Claire Kallelis leading the way.

Steve and Abby

More of the pre-event meeting

Jessica and Juli Lederhaus getting ready to hand out the prizes for Best Costumes

Melissa, Juliane and Sara

It takes a lot of staff to run this Ball safely.

Ramon Rodriguez and Abby checking guests in and insuring the safety of the other attendees and guests.

Thomas MacDonald and Kyle Dolan
Liz Dube, Claire Kallelis, Alaina Ferriero, Christine Perry and Claire-Marie Gauthier

Tinia and Alex
The following three photos are of the team members (who were available) that were working the Ball on Saturday October 27, as we got ready to(wo)man our stations and produce the biggest Halloween party in all of Salem.  The photographer asked us to ham it up, so you can see us getting progressively sillier for his lens.

I hope you enjoy getting to see how many people it takes to put on this spectacular party, and to do it safely, every year.  And we all certainly hope you will come and see it for yourself next year.


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