Thursday, November 08, 2012

John and Karen's Room at the Hawthorne Hotel

Halloween would not be complete without our friends from New Jersey, Karen McCrory and John Marsicano, who come every year, and who decorate their guest room like you would not believe, with a wonderful assortment of Halloween "things".

As they have for the past four years, they invited me to tour their room, and let me take photos to share with you here on our blog.  This year I asked them to let me know about where they obtained many of these items, in case you might be interested.
Recently obtained carved gourds from the Gettysburg region of Pennsylvania

Truly unusual method of cutting and decorating a gourd in this one.  John said he has never seen anything like decorative carved gourds as large as these .

From Bernard's Jewelry in Salem.  The banner says "Miss October" and Karen and John really enjoy it because it is so different from their other items.

While not "Halloween" this is a new addition to their collection.  It is a framed set of  all of the postcards that we have of the Hawthorne Hotel, along with the "Cat's Meow" and Christmas Ornaments of the Hotel that we offer for sale, along with some shards of terra cotta that they found in the hallway when we had the damage to our building during the construction this past winter.  It certainly makes a nice memento of the Hawthorne Hotel for anyone who loves our property.

Also from Bernard's Jewelry -- John went to another store that had a large witch, and he made the mistake of leaving without buying it, and when he went back it was gone.  He asked if they could order one for him, and was told "no".  So then, he went to Bernard's and described the item he had seen, and he asked them if they had a catalogue.  Bernard's also tried, but couldn't get the witch, but while looking at the catalogue he spied this "Monster Couple" and he was thus able to obtain this couple for his collection.

This witch was in Bernard's window, and when he John saw it there he knew he had to get it and he did!

During the Halloween parade this was in Bernard's window, so John went in and he said "I'll take it!" and while he was paying for it, another customer came looking for it and it was gone. Definitely a case of "if you snooze, you lose."

The middle witch has been a mainstay of their collection for about 10 years, and she comes along every year.

Print, and original painting for Black Cat Tours 2012, which is a theme of Wendy Snow-Lang's artwork.
There is not a real company called that, it is artistic license.  John tries to buy both the original and a print if he can, each year.

This one came from Witch Way Gifts on Derby St. a few years ago.

This was the "sole" which was part of Karen's "Solstice of Soles" costume at this year's Halloween Ball.  She and her friend MeLynn were the right and left soles, and they made the costumes to fit the theme of the ball, "Solstice of Souls". It was fun and different.

More of their Solstice of Soles costume.

This "cat" came from Laurie Cabot's original shop on Pickering Wharf, probably about five years ago.

A larger view shows Halloween In Salem 2012 print that they obtained from the Kennsington-Stobart Gallery

These items have come out of "hiding" this year.

Vampira, Queen of Scream, from Terror Fantasy Art Show in Old Town Hall in 2008 or so.

Here are some panoramic photos of their room so you can see just how much is entailed in creating this
one-of-a-kind hotel guest room "event".

I hope you enjoy getting a sneak peek at John and Karen's room.  I know we sure love it!


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