Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hawthorne Hotel Gives Back to the Community

The Hawthorne Hotel gives back to the community of Salem, the North Shore of Massachusetts, and beyond, on a daily basis.  So much of what we do is done "behind the scenes" that we thought, perhaps you might want to know more.

Recently we learned that the televisions that the Boys and Girls Club of Salem had in their building were stolen by a brazen thief who broke into their Club.  We felt badly for them, so we reached out to offer the donation of a couple of televisions, for which they were very grateful.

Here are some photos of us bringing the TVs to their club and setting them up for them.  In the process of setting it up we discovered that the only electrical outlet in the room where it was going was sadly broken, and in order to get it to work someone had to sit and hold the plug into the outlet.  The electrical contractor that we use for the hotel was nearby doing some work for us, so we had him come right over and install a new plug so that everything would work.

Doug Bollen of the Boys and Girls Club, and Jay Gilliss of the Hawthorne Hotel, setting up the new television.

Engraved for the B & G Club

Setting up the programming

A snafu with electrical power.

Ed Sawall of RES Electric to the rescue to install a new outlet, courtesy of the Hawthorne Hotel and RES.

Juli Lederhaus, General Manager, Hawthorne Hotel, and Joanne Scott, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club with the new television.
All in all, a good morning's work for a good cause.

I hope you enjoy knowing how we give back to our community.


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