Thursday, October 18, 2012

Words at Play PLUS Halloween Costume Party = FUN!!!!

"Wicked Best"

" The Most Awesome"

" Spellbinding"

Those were just a few of the great comments we received during one of our Countdown to the Hawthorne Hotel Halloween Party fan questions.

The Countdown, in effect since October 6, has once again proven that the Hawthorne Hotel Facebook fans are the best around.  The question, 'The Hawthorne Hotel Halloween Party is the ________________ way to spend Halloween in Salem!' elicited over 60 responses.

Other answers included:


" Most Gratifying"


High praise indeed for our Halloween Party, held for nearly three decades at the Hawthorne Hotel and the culmination of a month of amazing programs and events that is Haunted Happenings, a month-long city-wide festival that could only happen in Salem, Massachusetts.  A winner was chosen randomly from those who took part in the Countdown post.  Christie Santos of Lynn received the prize of two of the coveted tickets to the Solstice of Souls Halloween Party on October 27.  Her answer was "ONLY."  That sums it up for sure!"

Here are all the posts so far, just in case you don't already follow us on FaceBook:

 I hope to see you here, at the best Halloween Party in all of Salem!!


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