Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hawthorne Hotel's Updated Flags of the Week ~~ October 15 through October 21, 2012

As there were no special requests this week, I decided to share with any new readers exactly how we determine the flag line up and why we have the daily rotation.

Every day we fly the United States flag on top of the Hotel. It is actually a part of a cell phone tower that was placed there years ago, but is no longer in use that way. Daily we rotate and fly one flag for a member of the United Nations and one state flag on the front of the Hawthorne Hotel. Information about the flag of the day is placed on signs in the lobby. We simply rotate through them alphabetically unless (as you loyal blog readers know) there is a special request made.

We do this daily to remind ourselves and our guests that we are part of a larger population than simply the Salem or North Shore community, but the global community.

Updated October 17: Lebanon and California have been requested for Saturday, October 20. 

These are in honor of the Aylouche-Dandreo Wedding on Saturday evening in the ballroom.

Here is the flag line up for this week:

Monday October 15 Malawi and Washington

Tuesday October 16 Malaysia and West Virginia

Wednesday October 17 Maldives and Wisconsin

Thursday October 18 Mali and Wyoming

Friday October 19 Malta and Alabama

Saturday October 20 Lebanon* and California*

Sunday October 21  Mauritania and Arizona

As always please feel free to call with your requests at 978.825.4444

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