Friday, October 05, 2012

Halloween's Scariest and Best Make-up Artist ~ Ginny Colangelo

Every year we like to remind Salem residents and visitors of the very talented Ginny Colangelo of GinC Productions. She does phenomenal make-up work and has been the designer for lots of the guests who attend the Halloween Ball at the Hawthorne Hotel. (Saturday October 27 this year.)

Here are some photos of some of her past work: 

For more information on GinC Productions, click here: They take walk ins but tend to book appointments. I would certainly call ahead to ensure you get a spot!

Ginny works out of the Hampton Inn in Revere, just a short trip down Route 1A, on select dates in October.

I hope to see you here, 


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  1. Thanks Juli, This is the first time I notice this....Looking forward to another great year 2013.
    Love your Hotel and the food is GREAT!