Thursday, October 11, 2012

Food Should Taste Good - Even When You Are Gluten-Free!

The Atrium Cafe at the Peabody Essex Museum is now offering new, gluten-free options to our guests. excited to make this change. Here are the new options we are now offering: 

Gluten-free white wraps for build-your-own and signature sandwiches 

Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies as well as chocolate fudge brownies

“Food Should Taste Good” Sweet Potato Salt and Pepper Chips   

Pirates Booty White Cheddar Corn Puffs 

Just as before, we offer yogurt parfaits, fruit cups, fresh salads, and Terra Chips which are all gluten-free items.

Gina Medros, working in the Atrium Cafe, showing her support for the
Halloween season and the Hats exhibit currently at  PEM.
We are so happy to be able to offer this service to our Atrium Cafe guests. So many people are gluten-intolerant and they should have as many delicious options as we can provide available to them. Do not hesitate to inquire about these options the next time you are at the Atrium Cafe.

Please remember that you do not need to pay admission to PEM in order to dine in either the Atrium Cafe or the Garden Restaurant.  Just let the guards know you are going in only to dine.

I hope to see you here or there.


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