Wednesday, October 03, 2012

August Full-time Employee of the Month, 2012

Manuel Pena has been named our Full-time Employee of the Month for August.  If you are a regular reader of this blog you may remember that Manuel has received this award before, and in fact has been named Employee of the Year in the past.
Manuel Pena
Just because someone has won once before does not diminish their ability to win again in another year, and if their supervisor believes they are deserving, they most certainly can be selected for this recognition again in another year.  Our PEM Chef, Rhiannon Nowak, felt very strongly that Manuel was very deserving this year, and she nominated him with enough conviction that he was selected by acclamation.
Left to right:  Manuel Pena, Iris Pena, Chef Rhiannon Nowak, and General Manager, Juli Lederhaus
The fact is Manuel is a super member of our staff.  He is steady-on in an incredible way, handling a myriad of tasks that bely his humble demeanor.  His title is prep cook/dishwasher, but he does so much more for us, from receiving and putting away our groceries to fine garnishing work.  He keeps an eye on other staff members when Chef Rhiannon is busy in other areas, such as placing orders, or working the line in the Garden kitchen, and he simply makes sure that things get done, and get done correctly.
We invited Manuel's wife, Iris (who works for us at the Hawthorne Hotel) to come along when we went to PEM to recognize Manuel.  She was delighted when she heard how Chef Rhiannon had used a bit of subterfuge to get Manuel to come upstairs from the basement prep kitchen to the Atrium kitchen where we were all waiting to surprise him.

Manuel works for us in the kitchens of the Peabody Essex Museum, where we hold the food service contract.
Left to right:  Chef Rhiannon; Iris Pena; Manuel Pena; Executive Sous Chef, Ken O'Keefe
We are so happy to be able to offer this recognition program for our team members.  It is a delight for us to be able to specifically shower our top performers with praise, and it is one of the things that we think makes the Hawthorne Hotel a special place to work.

I hope you enjoy participating with us on these sojurns into our daily work, and I hope to see you here.


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