Monday, October 08, 2012

Adding to Our Comprehensive Halloween and October Blog Post

Some things just need to be even more comprehensive than others.  When it comes to passing out information about the biggest, best Halloween Party in all of Halloween Central, #SalemMA, you just can't be too informative.

So, here is some more information about the Theme of this year's party, and I will also add this to the BIG post that I wrote about a week ago.


Theme ~ Adventure, Mysticism, Fantasy and Mystery

Costume Ideas ~ We will set the stage and it is up to each of you to fill it and this year our concept is a blend of reality (people, places and time) and fantasy (the mythology and lore) and as such there are many directions to take and consider when planning your costume.  If you plan to dress to the theme this year it is our hope to provide you with a little inspiration to get you going with a little push in two possible directions:
Reality--Relating to a specific time period such as Renaissance or Medieval England.

Visit these websites for more information:  

Fantasy--Gods, Monsters, Legends and Lore of Ancient Cultures and Lost Civilizations.

Visit these websites for more information:

What not to bring ~ We do not allow any weapons or items that look like a weapon. If we find a weapon as part of your costume, we will confiscate it and return it to you at the end of the evening. Also, no alcohol may be brought into the hotel. Any alcohol found on you will be confiscated and disposed of, and to that end, no beverages or beverage containers may be brought in to the hotel.  

More information ~ 
Please call us at 978-744-4080 with any questions.

I cannot wait to see you here, at our Halloween Party!


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  1. ... and I cannot wait to be there!