Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Special Employee of the Month Presentation

We love an audience.  Being in the hospitality business means we love to please people.  So when we get to combine those two things, it makes for a great day around the Hawthorne Hotel.

On Tuesday October 16 we presented the September Full-time Employee of the Month Award to Robert Leonard of the Banquet Department.  Robert is one of the "regular" servers from the Banquet Department who serve the Salem Rotary Club each week.

Robert "owns" his work for Salem Rotary.  He knows everyones quirks, likes and dislikes, and he tries to cater to every one of us in that way. That is no easy task for a club that regularly has an attendance in the 50s and where members sometimes sit in the "same" places but just as often as not they mix it up and move around.  He knows who wants green tea, who wants their coffee with their meal, and who wants it afterwards, who drinks decafe, and who needs special attention in some other way.

He also takes special care of other groups who regularly meet and dine at the Hawthorne, and somehow he knows us all.

So, when he was voted to be our Full-time Employee of the Month for September it seemed quite a logical thing to reach out to the President of the Club to see if we could surprise Robert during a Rotary meeting and present the award to him then.  President Liz Bradt, who also joined in the chorus of voices praising Robert, said "absolutely" and then she and I proceeded to figure out some timing that would work.

As Robert walked into the kitchen with a tray of dishes he had just cleared, all of the managers from the hotel walked into the Ballroom, I picked up the microphone to clue all of the Rotary members in on what was going to happen, and to ask for their attention, and  when Robert walked back into the room they all stood and started applauding and cheering.  Robert, not knowing what was going on, joined in the clapping, only to find himself the object of all this attention.

Here are the photos so you can see for yourself.

In the background you can see the managers of the Hawthorne Hotel witnessing the presentation of the award.

More of the managers in the background of this photo as well.
 After the meeting was over we went outside to take some more formal photos.  Here they are:
Left to right:  Juli Lederhaus, General Manager; Robert Leonard; Claire Kallelis, Assistant General Manager; and Liz Dube, Banquet Manager

We also captured a photo of Robert with Mike O'Meara, who is one of our Banquet Captains.  By that time Robert was pretty relaxed about being the center of attention for the afternoon.
If you see Robert around the Hawthorne Hotel, please be sure to congratulate him.

I hope to see you here,


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