Saturday, September 08, 2012

Tonight's Wedding

Tonight we catered a very special wedding at PEM, the Peabody Essex Museum located just one block from the Hawthorne Hotel.  I took a lot of photos because there was so much to look at.  I created a photo album to make it easy for you to see all of the photos without having to wait for them to load onto your computer.

Some highlights included a Tater-Tini Bar, which featured Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes and Mashed Sweet Potatoes, with an array of different toppings, as part of the cocktail hour.  It seemed to be very popular.

Another highlight was the Martini Luge Ice Carving.  One obtains a martini from the bartender, then slooshes it down the ice luge to capture it in another glass.  Talk about COLD!  The photo album demonstrates the process using a glass of ginger ale.

Yet another nice touch was the use of a large oval table as the "special place" for the bride and groom and their closest friends

I hope you enjoy taking a peak at what was going on inside PEM tonight.  Just click on the link below:

PEM Wedding


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  1. the tater tini bar is interesting. great venue! thanks for sharing pics.