Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We Love Our Guests From the UK

Our guests, the Ball family from Worcester, Great Britain, were on a walking tour earlier this week and learned about our flag program from the tour guide.  They were a bit incredulous when they heard what we did (take special requests for flags from our guests) so they thought they would test out what they heard by asking at the front desk when they returned from their tour.  

Low and behold, today we were flying the flag of Great Britain, and not only that, but we left them a message while they were out sight seeing today that if they wanted their photo taken with the flag, we would be happy to oblige, and we would put it on our blog as well.  

They took us up on that offer, and here is the proof.

Thomas, Susan, David and Emma
I hope you enjoy seeing yet another aspect of what we do here to provide the ultimate in personalized customer service to our guests at the historic Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, MA.

See you here?



  1. Again, I know of no other hotel that will fly a flag in one's honor! It's just one of those little touches that makes a guest feel even more special at the Hawthorne Hotel!

    Oh, and I'll be requesting to have that flag of Great Britain flown again in November for another guest's honor! I can't wait for Claire to see the Hawthorne in person and experience for herself what I've been raving about for years! Not that you'll get a picture of her with her flag though, she's more camera shy than I am but maybe we could get her to turn around and look up at that flag instead with her back to the camera - that might work!

    1. Thank you Juli. The hotel was lovely and the reception staff were exceptionally helpful and pleasant.

  2. This family deserved the red carpet treatment! They took a Segway tour with us and were lovely people.

    1. Is that you Brad? The Segway tour was one of the highlights of our holiday. Brad, our guide was very informative and geared his info to our teenagers too. We all loved it. Thank you.