Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Hats Are Coming, The Hats Are Coming!!

I love it when PEM has quirky exhibits, such as the Teapots one that happened here a few years ago, and of course, the Iris Apfel exhibit.  Coming soon will be "Hats: An Anthology" and I simply cannot wait.

The Wall Street Journal, the most widely circulated newspaper in the US right now, wrote an anticipatory piece that I am happy to share with you right here.

Wall St. Journal Article, click here

I hope to see you here (in your hat, of course) or at PEM soon.  By the way, the Gift Shop at PEM is already selling cool hats, in case you need one, and of course Bill has great ones at "Beautiful Things" right across the street from the Hawthorne Hotel.  Perhaps a shopping trip combined with a leisurely breakfast in Nathaniel's or lunch here at the Tavern is in your future?


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