Thursday, August 09, 2012

Getting Excited for the "Hats" Exhibit at PEM

When the Peabody Essex Museum brings on exhibits that blend fashion with their usual mix of art, culture and history, we tend to get very excited.  One of the "we" in this statement is our very good friend and outstanding customer, Maryann Curtin.

One of the wonderful things that Maryann does every year is to host a fund raiser for Hospice of the North Shore here at the Hawthorne Hotel.  It usually happens in the Spring, and definitely always involves hats.  This year when she heard about the Hats exhibit coming to PEM she decided that her event had to coincide with the opening of the Hats exhibit, so she switched the date to September.

Yesterday she went to meet with the folks at PEM about her event and their possible involvement, and of course she could not show up without a hat.  Afterwards she stopped by the Tavern, and we spied her in her latest, wonderful creation and shot these photos so you could see as well.

This hat is very, very special to Maryann and here is why.  It is an official "Jubilee" hat, direct from London, sent to her by her brother, Richard, who lives there.  He even overnight-ed it so she could have it in time for her PEM meeting.  What a guy!!

Since I said "we" in my opening paragraph, I must also share with you a photo of my new hat that I purchased while on vacation this summer for the specific purpose of wearing to Maryann's event.

I hope to see you here at the Hawthorne Hotel in YOUR best hat.



  1. I ♥♥♥ your hat, Juli! It is SO you!

    arg!!! I've tried 4 times to leave a comment but that word verification thing.... grrrr

  2. Thanks Barb! Sorry about the word thing but being a hotel blog we got bombarded with Spam. :-(