Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Little Love for a Friend of Hawthorne Hotel

We love the businesses in Salem who support the Hawthorne Hotel, while at the same time advance their own interests by marketing to our guests.  One of those businesses is a relatively new store in town, although not a new store to those folks who live and/or shop in Marblehead.

It is a lovely toy store called Mud Puddle, and they not only sell toys but also host things like story time, a book club for babies, hand/foot prints in clay, and other nice events for parents, grandparents and children.  

Here is a link to their website.

Mud Puddle is located in Salem on Essex St. just back toward the Hawthorne Hotel from Washington St, very close to Rockefella's.

One of the things I love about Mud Puddle is that they give grandparent discounts!

I just found out that they sell Wikki Stix -- how great is that?  We give these to children with all of our children's menus in both Nathaniel and the Tavern, and guests often ask where they can get more, so now we can tell them.

Here are some photos that I snapped today so you can see for yourself.

If you drop in this store while visiting Salem, please be sure to tell them you learned about Mud Puddle through the Hawthorne Hotel.



Wow, Wikki Stix!!  We give a small packet to each child who dines with us, so now we know where to send families who want to get more.

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