Thursday, July 19, 2012

We Love Our Pets

Because we love our pets so much, we totally understand it when our guests do not want to leave their pets behind when they travel.  So we have chosen to make the Hawthorne Hotel a pet-friendly hotel in every way that we can.  We allow any sized pet, we allow multiple pets, and we allow all kinds of pets.  We have a special "doggie room service menu" with veterinarian-approved specialties for your pet.  We only charge $10 per pet per day, which is much less than most other hotels we have surveyed.  We allow pets on the sixth floor, and in our five smoking rooms on the second floor.

Here are some photos of a recent visitor to the Hawthorne Hotel.  Her name is Gracie, she is four months old, and she is an English and French Bulldog mix.  She is quite charming, and we loved having her visit.

Gracie has the cutest swirl of a tail.  She was moving pretty fast, so this is not the best photo, but it is THE END.


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  1. I think it's great that you allow pets! And I have traveled with mine a few times. A friend of mine has an English Bull dog. He's a big old lovable lug now but I remember when he was as small as Gracie!