Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Laughter is Good for the Soul

Time Flies is Fun, Silly, and a tiny bit Poignant

English Made Simple, really!

The opening "Playlet", Words, Words, Words

Words, Words, Words is worth seeing if only to watch what one of the cast members does with toes!
I think there are few people out there who do not love to laugh, but comedy is a broad category, and there are many, many kinds of comedy for us to consider.  Personally I enjoy comedy that involves word play and perfect timing, and therefore the current offering at the Salem Theatre Company is outstanding in my estimation.

It is called "All in the Timing" and is a collection of six mini-plays written by David Ives.  The NY Times said, about him, ". . .utterly delightful . . . David Ives spins hilarity out of words."

Steve Rotolo, who is the Director of this production, says "Everyone who knows David Ives is familiar with his tendency to "stress test" the English language."

Here is the line-up of what I chose to call "playlets":

Words, Words, Words
Sure Thing
Time Flies
The Philadelphia
English Made Simple
Phillip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread

The cast members were all terrific so I won't single one out over another -- you will just have to go yourself to see how well they handle this complicated material.  It's a Sure Thing that Time Flies and English is Made Simple with Words, Words, Words, not in Philadelphia.  Who knows about Bread?!

For only $15 you cannot miss this terrific show, playing Thursdays through Saturdays at 7:30 pm and matinees on Sundays at 5 pm.  Go to www.SalemTheatre.com to order your tickets, or call 978-790-8546.  If you go, be sure to tell them that you read about it here on my Blog!

Oh, and don't forget the early-bird specials in Nathaniel's would be a terrific way to start your evening.  If you order a full-sized entree by 5:30 pm we will add a salad and dessert to make it a meal for no extra cost.  Such a deal!  Click here to make reservations in Nathaniel's

I hope to see you here.


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