Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gina Medros Named Employee of the Month

Today we honored Gina Medros as our full-time employee of the month for June.  Gina works for our off-site division at PEM where she is the lead customer service person at the Atrium Cafe.

A number of our managers went to surprise Gina while she was working at the Atrium, and I love the expressions on her face when she realized what was going on.

Claire Kallelis tells Gina and the group why Gina was selected this month.
Gina leads the team of customer service agents at the Atrium Cafe at PEM (Peabody Essex Museum) and in that role we can really count on her.  She is very dependable, and makes sure of the quality of everything we do.  In addition, her consistency and attention to people has made her rapport with the regulars of some significance, and we are very appreciative.  Last but hardly least, Gina is always willing to step in to other roles to help the team, from being the sandwich maker, to working in banquets, she is always there for us.

Thanks so much for all you do, Gina!

Alaina Ferriero elaborates on Claire's speech.

Gina is VERY happy with the details of her award!

Left to right:  Alaina Ferriero, Dining Services Supervisor; Gina Medros; Juli Lederhaus, General Manager;
Claire Kallelis, Assistant General Manager

The Happy Team

I hope to see you here, or there! 


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