Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cocktail of the Week

Jaime Harrison is our Official Cocktail of the Week Taster for July

Havana Cocktail
Cîroc Coconut vodka, Frangelico, simple syrup, grapefruit juice and fresh lime
on the rocks

Andy Rice and Jaime Harrison Rice
After the first sip, the drink was pronounced excellent by Jaime and her husband Andy.  I got to try this one too, and I can tell you from first-hand (or should that be mouth) experience, it was excellent.  I thought it tasted like an adult Mounds Bar, with a kick!

Here is what Jaime had to say about it:

Ever feel like you need to spice things up a bit?  How about a twist on an old standby?  That’s the Havana Cocktail – this week’s cocktail at the Tavern.   Take the tried and true combination of vodka and grapefruit (AKA: the Greyhound and one of my absolute favorites) and give it a little depth, a little excitement, a little mystery…  The Cîroc coconut infused vodka adds a welcoming aroma and creamy taste to this cocktail as you take your first sips.  Shortly after comes the earthy, but subtle flavor of hazelnut provided by the Frangelico, followed by the familiar and refreshing grapefruit taste.  
With each swig you experience these three distinct flavors, but they quickly melt together and contribute to the overall masterpiece that is the Havana Cocktail.   This cocktail is exotic and versatile and you might not ever go back to the old standby again!  

This will be the cocktail of the week through this weekend, so don't miss it!


PS  If you come in to try one of these excellent drinks, and mention to your server or the bartender that you read about the drink here, we will give you a $5 credit toward your appetizer or entree that you order to go along with it.  This special is just for our friends on FaceBook, Twitter and this Blog!

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