Friday, July 13, 2012

Another Aspect of Our Community Involvement

About six years ago a member of the Salem community asked the Mayor if she could facilitate the Reading of the Declaration of Independence on the Salem Common each Independence Day.  The answer was "yes" and a tradition was born.

This year the weather forecast for 9 am on July 4 was for rain, so that community-minded person, who also happens to be a friend of the Hawthorne Hotel, Hannah Diozzi, called me to see if they could possibly move this event into the Hawthorne Hotel.  As soon as I assured myself that we had the space available, I let her know it was no problem, and we could roll with whatever the weather gods through her way.

It turned out to be needed, and arrive they did.  

Here are her thank you note, a photo of the front of the hotel from that day, and a link to the singing of America the Beautiful at the event.

I hope you enjoy knowing a little bit more about what we do as part of being a civic-minded business in Salem, MA.


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