Friday, June 08, 2012

May Employee of the Month, Cheryl Smith

 Yesterday we surprised Cheryl Smith as she finished up her duties in Nathaniel's.  Here you can see me awarding her the Full-Time Employee of the Month Award for May, 2012.

 She listened intently as Adam McInnes, Dining Services Manager told the assembled group of staff and managers why he nominated Cheryl.  Among other attributes he cited her willingness to work, her attentiveness to our guests, and her excellent dependability -- something that is very necessary for the opening server getting us set up for breakfast in Nathaniel's.

Left to right:  Rebecca Cope, Assistant Dining Services Manager; Cheryl Smith; Juli Lederhaus, General Manager ; Adam McInnes, Dining Services Manager

Thank you for all you do for our guests, Cheryl!  Congratulations and enjoy your award!

I hope all our blog readers and FaceBook friends will join me in congratulating Cheryl.


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