Monday, June 04, 2012

Gold Men's Necklace in Lost and Found

Lost and Found is one of those issues that I think every innkeeper, hotelier, and restaurateur in the world wishes would just go away.  Actually, there are probably a lot more entities that have to deal with this kind of thing.  It is, quite frankly, an annoyance.   But deal with it we must, and we try to make the best of a difficult situation.   What makes us the happiest is when we can locate the items in question!

In private we vent, "Why, oh why can people not keep track of their own stuff! "  We have to have a system in place to decide what is something that we should keep, and what is simply left-behind trash.  We have to keep it someplace.  Some of it is valuable, so we have to protect it somehow.  We have to deal with the calls and emails of people who just "think" they may have left it here, and the people who are "sure" they left it here, only to find out later on that they tucked it in an obscure pocket on their suitcase and never thought to look there, or another member of their family or traveling companion packed it up for them.  That is, if we actually do hear back at all.  

We have to search rooms high and low for things that people "may" have left behind.  We have to decide just how long to keep things, and then find the best way to dispose of them.  We actually collect many more things than people actually call back for, so we have to find places to store those things, and we quickly run out of room.  

Honestly, it is a big job to keep track of everyone's things.  Can you hear our exasperation leaking through?  I know it is there, and I apologize for what sounds like, and probably is, grumbling.

Now that I am finished grumbling, it is time for the real story.  Just this week we received a rather odd voicemail message from a former guest.  He stated that he had stayed in one of our rooms in our Fidelia Bridges Guest House several YEARS ago and left something behind.  Here is the actual report from our lost and found form that he filled out on line:

hi yes this is a different type of loss.soon after divoce i removed a neclace and I stupidly, passionately, but carefully placed it up inside the flue of the fireplace of the top floor southern front room of the guest house. i know antige chimneys and they have a flot area up inside...there is a good chance the necklace is still there. Please let me look for it when the room is serviced.

After reading this account, our executive housekeeper, Megan Campbell, went to the room he described, and carefully searched where he indicated, and behold, there was the necklace after several years time, hidden away inside an abandoned chimney.  We arranged for him to get his necklace back, and life is good.

I love happy endings, and am so glad this one turned out that way.


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  1. Now that's quite the story and I love a happy ending myself! I just wonder WHY he thought that he needed to hide the necklace there in the first place? I'd love to hear the rest of that story!

    You might - or might not - be amazed at the things that people lose in ambulances, too - or are SURE they had when they got into the ambulance! We field at least several calls like that every week, though thankfully they don't call on 911 ... usually!