Thursday, May 24, 2012

We Host Lynn Tech Culinary Students

Yesterday we hosted a group of eight students from Lynn Tech who are all participating in the culinary program there. Alaina Ferriero of the Hawthorne Hotel Dining Services Team worked with the North Shore Career Center who arranged for this particular group to come spend some time in the kitchens of a multi-unit food and beverage facility.

The participants included students:  Saly Vongsa,    Kaymarie Pizzaro,    Robin Fuentas,    Nykeva Patterson,    Linda Uth,    Julie Kong,    Amariliz Hernandez,    Meilissa Mendoza.   Also on the trip were staff: Bonnie Carr, Co-op Coordinator;  Sally Glowik, Guidance Counselor at Lynn Tech.;  Steve Lopez, Culinary Instructor at Lynn Tech.
Here you see our Executive Chef Steve Nelson taking the students through the kitchen at the Hawthorne Hotel.

In this photo above you see our Offsite Chef, Rhiannon Nowak giving the students a tour of our facility at the Peabody Essex Museum.

The students happily posed for this photo outside the Hawthorne Hotel.

Giving tours of our hotel to students from all differing grade levels is part of what we do to be fully participating members of the community where we work.  We also regularly have interns working at the hotel and our offsite division, and we participate in other kinds of work-study programs with the schools in Salem and the region.

I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about what we do at the Hawthorne Hotel.  We are happy to be more than just a business, and want you to know more about how we "give back" to the place we love -- Salem,  North Shore, Massachusetts.


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  1. It must have been a fun event. I'm graduating next year for my culinary arts course, here's to hoping we have the same jamboree.

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