Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh My! We Love Being Loved by Our Guests!!

After each event here at the Hawthorne Hotel we send out event evaluations for our guests to be able to let us know how we have done.  The following are excerpts from such an evaluation that I received today.  Because this client was so effusive in praise of our team members, I thought you might like to read some parts of it as well.  So here you are, looking over my shoulder at my mail regarding a graduation party held here on May 11.

Lindsay Otis was so pleasant and easy to work with! I appreciated her suggestions and expertise in planning this special function for my son. She is wonderful asset to the Hotel staff as she maintains great professionalism, all the while exuding friendliness, kindness and an overall genuine personality to the consumer.

Our bartender, Scott O’Meara was the best! Our guests  enjoyed a wonderful selection of available beverage choices, but, most of all, they enjoyed Scott! Scott’s smile and infectious personality added wonderfully to our experience and we are grateful for his efforts at making this day memorable for our family. Kristen Doucet was terrific! She took care of our every food need, replenishing the buffet as needed, helping to make our dining experience as best as it could be. I found Kristen to be a warm and caring person; she was great to have on our “team!”

Patrice was phenomenal! I felt that we were in great hands during this whole day. Patrice gave me the feeling that she would take care of everything and she did! She is a wonderful person to have in this role as she knows how to assist people in a professional yet caring and quiet way. I very much enjoyed having Patrice there to guide our celebration into success.

The food quality and presentation was superb! Family and friends continue to brag about how delicious the food tasted … certainly everyone had plenty to eat and everyone was completely satisfied!

A few of our guests commented that the ladies restroom was so “pretty.” Obviously, the hotel cares about every aspect of a function.

My son’s college graduation will always stand out as a memorable day in our lives. Included in our memories will be the extraordinary celebration we experienced at the Hawthorne Hotel. In spite of the upper class beauty and historic recognition of this building, it remains just that – a building. It is a structure compiled of wood, steel, mortar and other various types of materials which, although adding pleasingly to the beauty and aesthetics of the eye, remain limited to effecting beauty and aesthetics of the heart and soul. The people we encounter each and every day can offer such an array of warmth, care, and concern, tugging at our emotions and feelings to our core. If people give their heart, magical things can happen. We feel awakened and energized by the interactions we have had with one another and our human spirit becomes enflamed with a true sense of why we were placed here on earth to begin with. Lindsay, Patrice, Scott and Kristen touched our heart and soul and we recognize them for bringing so much of themselves to our day. On behalf our entire group of family and friends, we thank you abundantly.


I actually had tears in my eyes reading this lovely evaluation.  This guest spelled out for us all what it means to receive great service, and that great service is at the core of what we try to offer each and every guest who comes into our hotel.

I hope you enjoy reading this lovely correspondence, and we look forward to providing this same kind of service to you when you next come to the Hawthorne Hotel.


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