Friday, May 11, 2012

Blooming in the Rain, Blooming in the Sun

Spring is really here this time, we think for real.  That "false spring" that we had back in March and April is in the review mirror now, and we are seeing the true signs of Salem spring everywhere we look.

These photos of lilies of the valley are from my garden, here in Salem's historic McIntire district.  I took them when it was raining earlier this week.  The lilies of the valley have virtually taken over the space under a huge tree in my yard, and I keep giving some away every year but they keep growing more.  Obviously they love being thinned out.

I love how the lilies of the valley aromatize my house, so I bring bunches of them inside to make these tiny little arrangements.

 The Clematis below is also in my yard.  This plant has been growing there for about six years, and never really bloomed, but this year it finally came into its own and is spewing out lovely blossoms.
 The last two photos are of the garden at the Fidelia Bridges Guest House.  This is our guest house that we run as part of the Hawthorne Hotel.  The house was built in 1807.  We have been working on improving the gardens since we bought this house about seven years ago.  Whatever flowers we plant in the planter boxes on the Hawthorne Hotel are also planted in the gardens over here.

I hope you enjoy seeing a little bit more of Salem and Spring!


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