Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Arrivederci Maria!

Today we said farewell to one of our longest-serving housekeepers, Maria Giampaolo, as she was finishing up her last shift with us. Maria has worked for us for 21 years, and she has decided to retire and enjoy life.  She is originally from Italy, and still owns property there, so her first order of business will be to go "back home" to Italy for at least a month and visit with her family over there.
Maria with the stack of pizza boxes in our breakroom.
We sent out for pizza for everyone for lunch today to do something different.  Since we cook lunch for our staff every day, ordering out is an extra bit of fun, and everyone's favorite seems to be pizza!  We also had cake for everyone for dessert, along with some nice side dishes supplied by our culinary team.
Maria with Michael Harrington, owner's representative of the Hawthorne Hotel.

We will miss Maria's smiling, happy personality here, but we do wish her the very best as she enjoys her retirement.

Viaggi sicuri!  (Safe travels!)


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