Thursday, May 17, 2012

April Employee of the Month ~~ Tinia Suggs

Surprising Tinia, Juli is sitting in Tinia's desk chair when Tinia returned from the copier!

Looking happily at the camera when she received her award.

Hearing about all the goodies that are part of her award, in addition to a certificate.

Left to right, Karen O'Kane, Director of Catering; Thomas MacDonald, Director of Sales; Tinia Suggs; Laura Abraham, Catering Sales Manager; Christine Turner, Assistant Director of Catering

Yesterday we awarded the full-time employee of the month award to Tinia Suggs of our Sales Department.  Tinia has been with us for about six months, and during that time has grown and developed in the job to make it her own.  Thomas MacDonald, Tinia's direct supervisor said that one of her best attributes is that she will think through issues, and ask the "next question" in order to make sure what she is doing is clear, and the outcome will be the desired one.

Congratulations, Tinia!  We are so pleased to have you on our team.


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