Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Afternoon Tea is the Theme for Bridal Shower

We are often the host location for both bridal and baby showers, but this weekend one bridal shower in particular captured our attention due to the number of exquisite details that were part of this happy event. The mother of the bride, Cindy Arigo really went out of her way to make this an extra-special occasion that the bride, Danielle Arigo would never forget. Here are some photos of the details.
The happy couple!  Love the vintage dress and gloves!

Left to right: Groom, Jonathan Wilson; Bride, Danielle Arigo; Aunt, Karen Tripoli, Mother of the Bride, Cindy Arigo
Welcoming Signage

Decorated sugar cubes for the tea.  The sugar dissolves in the tea, and the flowers float on top
These charming detail items were made by Cindy Arigo, proprietor of

Cindy Arigo with the special teacups provide by "Fancy That"

Teacups from the collection of "Fancy That" in Walpole, MA

The cake table.  The cake has an edible saucer on it, all set to hold two of the decorated cookies you see below, for the happy couple to enjoy "Tea for Two".  The cake was Red Velvet, and the book shape was chosen because of the couple's academic backgrounds and love of books and reading.

Favors were hand-decorated sugar cookies
Decor including a vintage-look valise, brought in by Mrs. Arigo, was a lovely way to receive gift cards.

Special gifts were handmade solid chocolate "tea cups" made by Mrs. Arigo
Each guest received a gift bag with a vintage handkerchief, a frosted teapot sugar cookie, and a  custom teabag  honoring the "Tea-riffic Couple"  

The Arigo family.  Father of the bride, Joseph Arigo; Sister of the Bride, Gina Arigo; soon-to-be Son-in-Law, Jonathan Wilson; Bride-to-be, Danielle Arigo; and creative Mother of the Bride, Cindy Arigo!

I hope you enjoy getting to see all of the love and work that Mrs. Arigo put in to making her daughter's bridal shower totally "tea-riffic".

If we can help you with a special event, whether elaborate like this one, or simple and succinct, just give us a call in our Catering Office at 978-825-4358.  We would be happy to help you create just the perfect event for you.


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  1. Fancy That was so pleased to provide vintage teacups and plates on this lovely bridal shower Tea! Congratulations to Danielle & Jonathan! :)