Monday, April 02, 2012

Seeking: Official Cocktail-of -the-Week Taster

Why should this be you?  We are looking for an official Cocktail-of-the-Week TASTER?

If you think this should be you, write your response either right here, or on our Hawthorne Hotel FaceBook Fan Page, or send an email to and tell me why you deserve this honored position.  Bonus points for photos, especially photos of you drinking cocktails in our Tavern at the Hawthorne Hotel.

Here is this week's cocktail:

Cocktail of the Week ~ Ruby Slipper
Absolut Ruby Red vodka, pomegranate schnapps, orange juice and a splash of soda on the rocks

Job Description:  Every week our talented mixologists dream up something new.  We we need someone who can come in and taste each cocktail, each week for a month, and report on it to our Social Media followers.  The initial position assignment is for 4 weeks.  After that we will decide among our management staff whether or not to continue the taster in this honorary position, or seek someone new.

Compensation:  Getting to taste four-weeks worth of cocktails.

Let the drinking begin!!


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