Saturday, April 14, 2012

New (To Us) Artwork in the Tavern

We recently began putting all new furnishings in the Tavern. New Roman shades, new side chairs, tables and bar stools, and soon we will have new wing-back chairs, new placemats and new napkins, which will finish the make-over of this popular restaurant.

We thought that "new" artwork would be just the ticket to continue the improved "new" look in this lovely old room. So we commissioned Jim McAllister, who is a local historian and art collector, to come up with a selection of pieces that had a connection to the North Shore, Salem, Massachusetts, or dining out in an historical context.

Jim came up with an eclectic collection of theater posters, maps, political history, embroidery, and water colors, all with their very own reason for being part of our Tavern collection.

Here is the detail of the List of Art Works Chosen by Jim McAllister, Historian of Salem

As you stand to the left of the fireplace, and look clockwise to your right, around the room

1. “Plain Jane” Theater poster, probably late 1920s Empire Theater, 285 Essex Street, Salem (no longer extant; see postcard below)

2. “Fish Dinner” Watercolor, 1959, Artist Unknown

3. “7th Heaven” Theater poster, probably late 1920s Empire Theater, 285 Essex Street, Salem (no longer extant; see postcard below)

4. “Railroad Saloon – twenty minutes for refreshments” Hand-colored woodblock engraving on newsprint, late 19th century, Artist unknown

5. Massachusetts Senate, 1913 Calvin Coolidge third from right, top row

6. Hand-colored Map of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, 1855, JH Colton Co

7. “Rockport” (Mass) Steeple Watercolor, 1935, Artist Unknown

8. Coastal Scene Early 21st century watercolor Pat Macaulay

9. Shipbuilding, Gloucester Harbor Woodblock engraving on newsprint, 1873, Winslow Homer

10. Haying Undated Watercolor, FC Brooks

11. Map of Salem, Massachusetts 1891, Geo Walker and Co

12. Federal Doorway with Flowers Long-stitch embroidery, 1935 Emma Powell
This piece was already there.  It is a photo of Al Luttringer and his dog, King, checking in to the Hawthorne Hotel, showing that our being "pet-friendly" goes all the way back to the beginning of our operation as a hotel.

Posters of events featuring the "Luttringer" Players

The new bar stools are super comfortable.
I hope you will stop in and see us soon!


Photo Credit:  Linda Orlomoski

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