Friday, March 30, 2012

Repairs Are Progressing at the Hawthorne Hotel

TONIGHT:  As of 6 pm March 30, 2012

If you have been following this blog, or our FaceBook posts, you will already know about the serious damages we sustained due to a water pipe break in our attic on February 27, when the equivalent of an Olympic-sized swimming pool-amount of water poured down through six floors into the basement, doing some horrific damage along the way.

 I am happy to report that the Alcove on the Second Floor is nearly back to its original condition.  Here are some "before" and "this afternoon" and "now" photos.
BEFORE:  On February 27, 2012
BEFORE:  Firefighters trying to staunch the water which was going everywhere.

BEFORE:  Water pouring off of the beam in the Alcove area.

BEFORE: A pond of water is not normal in this area of the Hawthorne Hotel, but it was there on February 27, 2012.

DURING:  The water was so severe in this area that it split the corner of this wall open and gushed out.  

THIS AFTERNOON:  Today about 4 pm, the finish plasters working on the crown molding now that the walls have all been rebuilt.


It is so good to see our hotel getting put back to right.  The team of professionals that gathered together to assist us in this process are doing a great job.  I hope you enjoy seeing the progress.  There is still a lot to be done, and I will keep you posted as we take the next steps.

We are certainly open for business, and would love to see your smiling faces!


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  1. Looking good, Juli! Pretty soon you won't even be able to tell that there was a flood and so much damage was done. Kudos to all of your hard workers!