Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Freezing Temps No Match for these Plants

Yesterday the forecast for last night was in the low twenties. I was convinced our newly-planted pansies would be popsicles that would not revive at those kinds of temperatures.

 I contacted Jay Gilliss, our Building Chief, who called Steve at Nunan's (the greenhouse in Georgetown, MA. that grows our plants for us) to find out how we should handle it. Cover them? With what? There are so many! Steve said "not to worry -- I have lots and lots of them, and pansies are super-hardy. I'm not covering mine," he said, "and it's going to be a lot colder here."

 So with a big "gulp, okay" in a tremulous voice, Jay and I agreed to let nature have her way with ours as well. Steve warned, "Just don't do anything to warm them artificially, like watering them with warm water, or then you will do great damage."

 This morning shortly after I got to work, I went around the building to inspect them.  I certainly saw frozen solid (or at least that was how they looked to me) pansy plants, all bowed down in the wind and the cold shade on the North side of the building. So I took these photos, but as I walked around the building, low and behold the pansies that had already been kissed by the sun were completely back to their normal, happy selves. Here are some photos that tell the story:

Frozen solid, or so it seemed.
Can pansies shiver?  It looked like these were, poor things!
Taken at the same time as the "frozen" cousins' photos above, these pansies were already warmed by the sun.

I hope you enjoy seeing how our planter boxes made it though the very cold snap that we had last night.



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