Wednesday, March 28, 2012

50-Year Wedding Anniversary of a Hawthorne Hotel Wedding

Recently I met with Kathleen Paluzzi here at the Hawthorne Hotel.  Kathleen and Fred Paluzzi were married 50 years ago, and had their reception at the hotel all those years ago.  When it was time for their 50th wedding anniversary, their children told them the location would be a surprise, but they never even came close to guessing it would be here at the Hawthorne.  Because they live in Beverly, they were thinking the party would be someplace close to their home there.

They were very surprised, and touched as well, by all the nice touches that their family put in to arranging all the aspects of their party.

They let us know after the fact how much they all enjoyed the event, and even offered to share photos with us, so this blog post is just that.  Some "before" photos of their event here at the hotel 50 years ago, and some photos of their anniversary party.

I LOVE to look at old photos especially of the Hawthorne Hotel.  I hope you enjoy seeing these as well!


The Wedding Party photos were taken in the Pickman Room then as now, but a big change in the look of the room.

The Pickman Room had "faux bookcase" wallpaper.  Wow, how things have changed.

A look at the Ballroom from the Grandmother windows. Love the waitress uniforms and the extra-long head table.

The Grand Ballroom sans our famous Palladian windows.  I can't believe prior ownership covered them up!
Check out the competition for that bouquet.

Too cute!  (I love seeing the old "look" of the hallway carpet and wallpaper, and that fire extinguisher, too.)
The "going away" photo.  Love the seeing the Andrew Safford House in the background.

Left to right, back row:  Mark Paluzzi, Michael Paluzzi, Kevin Paluzzi, Tom Paluzzi
Center row: Karen Paluzzi, Beth Paluzzi
Front row:  Kathleen and Fred Paluzzi

Aww. . . they are such a sweet couple!!
Their wedding cake top was replicated for the anniversary party.
Their wedding photo with the cake was the cover of the invitation for the anniversary party.


  1. Richard Patterson Jr7:25 PM

    When my parents got married, over half a century ago, they had their wedding reception at the Hawthorne Hotel. Some us weren't able to attend. When they reached their 50th Wedding Anniversary, a few years ago, we rented a function room for the celebration at the Hawthorne. I asked for a discount since, as I told the function coordinator, we come back every 50 years, like clock-work (you can set your calendar by it...). We had a great turn-out and a wonderful time. Ahh, the Circle of Life. Thank you Hawthorne Hotel...

  2. A belated happy 50th anniversary to Kathleen and Fred! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures of a beautiful day filled with love and happiness! Just goes to show that if you start you married life off at the Hawthorne, you're going to be happy years later!

  3. These photos look really great especially when you think that it was taken a long time ago.