Friday, February 03, 2012

Sweet Sixteen Party of Historic Proportions

Christina Leavitt is in the front row, center, the charming young woman with the golden ringlets.
Earlier this week, this charming woman presented herself to the front desk to share her story about the historic Hawthorne Hotel association.  She even brought something to show us, the newspaper article from the Salem News, 64 years ago that same day.

It was Christina Leavitt Shultz' 80th birthday, and she had had her sweet sixteen party here at the Hawthorne Hotel on that same date 64 years prior and she thought we would be interested to see that article.  Which of course, we were.

As you can see, she still has the same fabulous smile, and in talking with her this week, I can see how it was that she was surrounded by so many friends. She has a lovely, engaging personality, and is someone you just want to get to know better.

Mrs. Shultz has not strayed far from her Salem roots, now residing in Marblehead, although she did share with me that she had moved to California for a period of about five years, and when she did, they stayed at the Hawthorne Hotel on the way to their new home.  She also has had a number of other events at the Hawthorne Hotel over the years.  You can tell she is a loyal fan of our place.

Thank you for sharing your story, Christina.  Happy Birthday!!!

We love it when guests tell us their stories.  Do you have a story to share?  We would love to hear from you.


P.S.  It appears that there was a Joseph Harrington in the photo that was in the newspaper, and Mrs. Shultz is pretty sure that he is a relative of our very own Michael Harrington.  We will have to learn more from him when he sees this article.

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