Friday, February 17, 2012

Surprise! The Garden Restaurant is OPEN Year-Round Now

On Thursday this week we reopened the Garden Restaurant at PEM, and it will now be open year-round until such time as it is permanently closed sometime in mid-2013. Here are some photos of a few of the menu items that we are offering now. We also offer daily specials.

 While long-time favorite menu items such as the Clam Chowder, Raspberry Chicken Salad and our Classic Caesar and Chicken Caesar Salads are still available, our new Chef, Rhiannon Nowak, has created a lovely new menu for you to enjoy.
Shrimp Spring Rolls

Mashed Rutabaga Vegetarian Plate

Crab Cake Entree

Salmon Entree

Fruit Plate Starter

Cup of Vegetarian Chili

Shrimp Salad, Demi
If you wish to reserve a table in the Garden, you can call there directly when the restaurant is open at 978-542-1618, or otherwise you can call us here at 978-825-4360.  The Garden is open Wednesday through Sunday, and all holiday Mondays that the Museum is open, from 11:30 am until 2:30 pm.  Outdoor seating will begin just as soon as the weather allows, and with the way this "winter" is going, that could be sooner than you realize!

I hope to see you here, or there.


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