Friday, February 10, 2012

New Tavern Furniture Arriving

We ordered all new furniture for the Tavern this winter, and it has started to arrive.  So far we have received the new bar stools, the new side chairs and the new tables.  Yet to come are the new wing chairs.  They should be arriving around the end of April, we hope.  We also installed new Roman shades on the windows.

Here are some photos we took today of the tables arriving and being put together by Michael Murphy from American Chair.  American Chair, out of Quincy, Massachusetts, is the company that is supplying all the furniture to us, and we are very grateful for how good they have been to work with.  

Sample of the new wing chair, with brown leather seat.
 The new bar stools are very comfy!

The new tables are solid oak, with sturdy bases.
The new tables are a "friendlier" shape, making conversation more enjoyable.  They are also a tiny bit lower, so you won't feel like Edith Ann from Laugh-In anymore. (and that's the truth!)
I hope you enjoy our new look.


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  1. We had a lovely lunch in the Tavern on Friday, and the new furniture looks great. I didn't get to sit in one of the new chairs because they were all occupied!