Saturday, February 04, 2012

Job Shadow Day

 Yesterday we hosted a student named Ike as part of a Job Shadow Day program from the North Shore Career Center and Salem High School.  Ike is a sophomore at Salem High.
It turned out that Ike was very interested in the construction that was going on in the hotel, as you can see in these photos here.

 We are currently in phase 2 of the three phases of our complete bathroom renovation project.

As you can see by these photos, not only are we doing cosmetic work to our bathrooms, but we are working on the infrastructure as well.  Not nearly as glamorous, but definitely important.  We are getting new copper supply pipes to all our guest bathrooms, and new electrical to each bathroom, as well as new drains, and brand new (never before did we have it) ventilation/fans for the bathrooms.  Things were built very differently in 1925!!
 Ike with the crew from Tremblay Contractors who are doing the work in our Guest Bathroom Renovation Project.
After his time spent around the hotel, I got to meet Ike.  When I found out about his interest in construction and maintenance, I suggested he fill out an application.  While we don't have a job for him right now, you never know!  We love to hire for interest and aptitude and train for skills.  It could be just the place for an interested guy like Ike!

Special thanks to Alaina Ferriero of our F & B Management Team for taking the time to welcome and escort Ike around the hotel, and special thanks to Tommy from the Tremblay construction team for making him feel welcomed as well.

I hope you enjoy seeing a little bit more about the kind of role we play in the Salem community, and about how our construction project is doing.


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