Thursday, February 09, 2012

Found and Found

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about Lost and Found in hotels.  I thought you would be interested in a tiny follow-up story.

This past week we had two incidents in the hotel that clearly demonstrate to me the atmosphere that exists here with regard to finding things.

The first is that a guest found a twenty-dollar bill in the ATM machine, and promptly turned it in to the front desk.  Thank you to that guest.

The second, and rather more compelling story, is that one of our room attendants, Carmen Batista, found an envelope containing $150 in cash in a guest room which she was cleaning, and promptly turned that in to the manager on duty.  We were able to reunite guest with left-behind money, thanks to the honesty of Carmen.

This is certainly not the first time that Carmen has demonstrated exceptional honesty and integrity, nor is it the first time that something like this has occurred in the Hawthorne Hotel.  But it is certainly something that deserves recognition in this age when so many people quickly accuse anyone else they can think of when they leave something behind (so they think) and they cannot find it.

So we offer our thanks and kudos to Carmen, and to the unnamed guest, who both demonstrated honesty and integrity.  You maintain our faith in human beings to do the right thing.

Found, and found, at the Hawthorne Hotel, #SalemMa,


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